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Your home is your space, and you want it to reflect your style and personality. If you want a perfect way to design your home, a gallery wall is a beautiful choice. Nothing shows your taste better than pieces of art and pictures that speak to you.

Here are a few tips to help you create a gallery wall in your house.

Make a statement

Think big! Go for a statement wall or picture that stands out from the rest. You want your guests’ eyes to be drawn to the wall as soon as they walk in the door.

Get creative with the layout

Forget straight lines of pictures, unless that’s your style. Think about creating the layout off center for a fun, quirky look. It makes the room seem less formal and homier.


Consider the placement of the frames with the furniture, plants, lamps, etc. It’s recommended that you leave at least 8 inches between the base of the frame and top of the furniture and accessory pieces to avoid looking cluttered.

Choose a color palette

What is the color scheme of the room right now? Do you want the gallery wall to accent the existing scheme? If your colors are bright, try and more monochrome color palette. If it’s vice versa, then add a pop of color to the walls with the art and frames.

Create a story

Tie the art pieces together and tell a story. Consider finding pieces that compliment each other and show another side of your personality.

Frame your work

Choose frames that don’t overshadow the art itself. Choose something with clean lines that will complement the art. Choose the art first and then look for frames.

Plan it out

Before you start hanging things without thinking, plan it all out on the floor to get the big picture and avoid unnecessary nail holes in your wall. After you’ve planned it out on the floor, tape the layout on the wall. Mapping it out gives you the chance to make everything level and nail right into the corners of the tape.

Start from the bottom up

Starting at the bottom allows you to leave the eight inches needed to keep things clean and together. You will also have the chance to change things if needed and leave room for error.

Have fun with it

Make that gallery wall your own! Remember to find art and pictures that you enjoy and bring your room to life!