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Your curb appeal is everything when people first visit or drive by your home. It is the first, and sometimes only, impression people receive of you. It is especially important that your curb appeal be attractive and appealing if you hope to sell your home in the future.

Here are a few budget-friendly ways to improve the exterior of your home.

Front door

Whether or not you are a fan of bright, accent doors; your door probably needs a fresh coat of paint. So, if you’ve decided to make a statement and paint it a pop of color, or keep it the same color, a coat of paint makes it look fresh and new.

Maintain your yard

No one wants to look at an unkempt yard. Keep your grass mowed and tidy and trim the bushes, etc. You want your home to look lived in and welcoming, not trashed and abandoned.

Pressure wash

We’re sure you’ve noticed that your siding is probably getting a little dingy or dirty. It happens to every home over time. A proper pressure washing can restore it to its natural color and add to the overall visual appeal of your home. Pressure washing can be relatively inexpensive if you choose to do it yourself.

Fix your light fixtures

If you need to dust the cobwebs, replace a broken light fixture, or a burnt out bulb, do it. Nothing says, “go away” like broken or burnt out front porch lights.

Dress up your front entry way

You might want to consider adding tile to your concrete pad at the front door. It adds dimension and a look of class and style.

Add some plants or flowers

Flowers and plants make your yard bright and inviting when adequately cared for. A yard can make or break your entire curb appeal, so make sure yours looks great!

All done

Whatever you decide to do to improve your home’s exterior is guaranteed to increase your curb appeal. When the outside of your house is pretty, and well take care of, people will be interested in looking at the inside and getting to know you as well.