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We can all relate to that vacation countdown calendar you have on your desk. There is nothing better than forgetting your responsibilities for a bit while you relax and enjoy yourself. But, the last thing you want is to come home to find out that your home was broken into during your trip. Next time you decide to use your vacation days, make sure your home is safe with these tips!

Hold your mail

If your vacation is more than a long weekend, it might be a good idea to contact your post office and have them hold your mail while you’re away. They can keep it from three to 30 days.

Be mindful of your social media

Be careful about sharing your location on Facebook, Instagram, etc. If your accounts are public, it could be the go signal for someone to break into your house.

Don’t leave anything valuable in plain sight

Make sure no one can see your jewelry, expensive TV, etc. from the window. Put your things out of sight so that someone isn’t tempted to smash your window and grab your belongings.

Hire a house or pet-sitter

This might be a pricier option, but having someone still living in your home, or at least stopping by a few time a day make it look like you’re not gone. It covers all the bases and ensures that someone is looking out for you and your home.

Make it look like you’re still there

Invest in timers that will turn your interior lights on and off at regular intervals, so it seems like someone is home. If a potential burglar thinks that you’re home, they are more likely to leave your house alone. Also, if you usually leave your blinds open, don’t close them all the way when you go. If your curtains remain closed for an extended period, which might be a sign you aren’t in town. Make your home seem as normal as possible.

Alert your alarm company

Let your alarm company know that you are going away for a while and that any alerts will not be because of you. Make sure everything is armed and secure before you leave.

Have fun!

After you have done all that you can to secure your home and protect your belongings, enjoy your trip! It will be over before you know it and the countdown will begin again so go have the time of your life.