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The answer is yes. A modular home can increase in value over time just as a traditional home does.

There are many misconceptions about modular homes and how they are built. Modular homes are not the same thing as mobile homes. They are built in a factory, piece by piece. Each factory produces houses for different states, so the building codes they adhere to tend to be higher than those of regular home construction companies.

The traditional home construction company most often is held to the lowest standards in their state, so the work may not always be as high quality as a modular. Although a modular home is built in a factory, if it is done right, you cannot tell the difference between it and a house built on the property.

As traditional homes appreciate and depreciate based on the housing market, modular houses do the same. Although, modular homes have been proven to withstand severe weather better than conventional stick-built structures.

When you are going through the design process, consider what your new neighborhood looks like. Are the homes more traditional or modern? You want your home to match those around it so that yours fits the look of the street. You might also be tempted to cut costs by having fewer bathrooms, less storage space, etc. But, that will hurt you when it comes time to sell your house. By trying to cut out certain aspects you deem unimportant, you could be decreasing the future value of the home.

It is essential to be educated during the decision and design process so that you get what you want in the end. Only trust the best to construct your modular home. Let Double T Homes create you the home of your dreams.